Breath is the vehicle for consciousness within the human body. What is consciousness in this context? It is the act of registry. The spark that registers and experiences the moment in a lucid and conscious way. This spark is carried within the breath.

It is a logical next step to consider what effect the quality of our breathing has on our consciousness. It has a profound effect most definitely. When you breath is quick and shallow, your experience of the moment becomes limited. The richness and profundity that is natural to the human is lost.  As we expand and lengthen the breath, we encourage the consciousness to stretch out and function in its deeper more subtle capacities. Synchronizing the breadth with movements of the body directs or shuttles the consciousness into the body itself.


A view of the lush canopy from one of my favourite perches. Nestled within the trees is one of my favourite places to breathe!

 Over time and practice we will gain a full and complete experience of our mind within our body. This brings euphoria, ability, and great peace; the peace that only comes from discovering  mastering and expressing our deeper nature.   Tantra provides enumerable technics for every person in any situation. In its truest sense, Tantra is a global culture with practitioners arising from every community across the globe. Tantra has emerged from the desire for human beings to live as a synchronized, distinguished and exceptional whole.


Stage 1: There are many breathing technics. In the beginning the aspirant should focus their efforts in short bursts limiting there seated practice to 5-10 minutes. After the body is settled into some degree of stillness our attention should move to witnessing the current spontaneous respiration pattern. Do not rush through this activity. For observing the current breath cycle can be  healing in and of it self.


Stage 2: Once the respiration is observed for some time we can then move to deepen the breath cycles. Lengthening both the inhalation and exhalation.

Our mind floats in a space of rational and relative hypothesis. Without solid markers of measurement for our bodily cycles we often languish in perpetual and static unconsciousness. Therefore counting the duration of our breathing is the easiest way to bring rapid focus and spontaneous deepening within our respiration.

Make it a goal at this point to breath in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 5. If this proves easeful, increase the count to inhaling for a count of 10 and out for a count of 10. Once you have arrived at a count of 10 for the inhale stay at 10 and only increase your length of exhalation from this point onwards. Work to increase the exhalation to the count of 20.

If it is only possible for you to inhale for example a count of 7 and out for a count of 8 then continue with the goal of 10 and 10 yet stay within your current limits. We are stretching subtle muscles both physically and psychically. This cultivation must occur gradually and within the spirit of acceptance and mature aspiration.


Valley of Meditation


In an age of shock and awe it is tempting to lose the application of accessible, progressive activity. Invest 10 minutes of your day and don’t let the din of this crazy circus take your breath away.



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