For many people what bookends the day is the ritual of oral hygiene. Performed so often, this once insurmountable task has become an unconscious act rarely thought of even in the midst of its performance.

In the world of yoga every action has been developed to optimize its awakening effect both physically, mentally and spiritually. To clean the mouth is to clear the mind and stimulate the ability to perceive taste, smell and intuition. Prayers uttered with a readied mouth speak deeply to the inner heart and higher mind.


horse sticking out tongue



You may have noticed a white coating on many a person’s tongue. This foul deposit can be reintroduced into the body unless manually removed. Either purchase a tongue scraper from a health food store or simply use a sharp edged spoon. Start from the back and move forward, scraping the surface of the tongue, taking care not to hurt the sensitive area at its root. Repeat morning and at bedtime.

Note* It is traditional to use a silver spoon as it amplifies the mental or moon aspect of the self.


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