As a young child Yogi Shambu was inspired by his maternal uncle, Swami Devanada Saraswati, and this calling became his life’s work.

At the age of twelve he committed to a program of pranayama breathing in a successful attempt to cure his longstanding excersional asthma. As a teenager he became moved to study psychology and metaphysics. By twenty-one he was maintaining a full time practice as a counsellor, distance healer and guide, with people from around the world. His training in yoga intensified at the age of 21 and continued for 7 years. Upon completing an intensive yoga teacher training at 29 Shambunata immediately commenced a two year intensive sadhana (spiritual purification) in the woodlands of eastern ontario. His research into tantra yoga, aryuveda, western nutrition and massage allows him to offer a broad range of life-style advice.

Shambu committed to a nomadic lifestyle at the age of thirty-five with the desire to “be at home in all places, to relate to people of all ages and social demographics as loved ones”. From millionaires to the homeless, from celebrities to sex trade workers within the prison system, all are treated and trained in the same light and fashion. At the centre of his vision for the future is a natural interdependent community with a thriving culture. Wherever he goes, he acts as a source of life intent on nourishing the common heart.

“Working with Yogi Shambu was revolutionary. It was as if I’d left my body and the world of the mundane, and was operating solely on the level of my mind, my energy, and my spirit. I have rarely felt so seen and understood, with total compassion and acceptance. It gave me tremendous insight into myself and left me with perspectives that persist to this day.”

   Aaron – Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

After many years of sadhana (spiritual practice), Shambunata has gained a solid understanding of the subtle realms we live in. He has an unusual ability to help people navigate through the dimensions of their inner and external worlds with ease and efficiency. He has a genuine desire to help people shine in the fullness of themselves. His love for people creates a space of trust and intimacy. There he guides them in unwinding that which has them stuck.

Shambunata helps people return to themselves and find their inherent strength and guidance. He works with people to release the energetic residue of experiences (situations and beings) which then allows their actual present reality to come into clarity. In the great movements of stagnancy and corruption that Shambunata’s work facilitates, one may find a return to the vitality, peace and bliss Shambunata believes to be our nature. He offers massage, energy attunements and counselling combined with yogic teachings to people in a variety of circumstances, working with individuals, families, couples and companies to facilitate their evolution. Shambunata serves an international cliental.

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  1. Tanya Porteous

    Thank you so much for the hot detox work shop today in Calgary. It was definitely what I needed!! I will work those techniques into my everyday life to help open up my chakras and blocked energies. It was a pleasure to me all of you and to take the positive energy with me! 🙏🏻❤😊

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