Blending energy healing and yogic teaching, Yogi Shambu is able to access energy blockages to create comfort and council, resulting in reduced anxiety, pain and tension. His specialty is helping a person in there healing journey and or in crisis. He can still your mind, helping you find peace in the moment, enabling you to take action within your personal circumstance.

The cost is $80 an hour and can be performed in person or by telephone or Skype. A sliding scale and trade is possible upon request.

Please call 1-(613)-265-5847 or email: yogishambu108@gmail.com to begin.


What is Energy (Pranic) Healing?

Prana is a Sanskrit word for life force.

Pranic Energy Healing does not require touch. The body has the ability to self-repair and just needs a gentle energetic suggestion to heal itself. The belief behind pranic healing is that all physical disease starts as a energetic disruption. An emotional, spiritual or mental stressor can impact the body, and by clearing these stressors, the person is able to return to their natural healthy state of being.

In his work, Shambu assists you in cleansing the energy body to remove obstacles that are in the way of your vitality. Read how Linda has benefited through Shambu’s work:

“There have been so many times in my life that I’ve called on Shambunata for help that I’ve decided that I would list a few of them.

    • Clearing my house after a break in: pushing through from a state of panic to one of calm.
    • Clearing and resolving the migraine headaches that I used to get from the gluten allergy that you diagnosed.
    • Helping both my brother and I release the trauma of his sudden death/ helping me to understand what was behind the event.
    • Clearing the energy that I’ve occasionally taken on from my own energy work/clearing the energy from my workplace when it felt “off”.
    • Clearing the syphilitic implant from a distant relative on my father’s side that was causing a mild depression.
    • Helping me understand a father that I had never had a chance to meet.
    • Helping to understand and cope with my mother’s personality dis-order: working through me to access her energy so that she could move to a much happier state of mind.
    • Explaining some of the karmic situations I was experiencing: changing the ones that could be changed and mitigating the ones that couldn’t.
    • Most recently working with me to strengthen my own energy field and sense of self”

    Linda – Mother, Healer

Read more testimonials here.




Yogi Shambu is not a licensed physician and cannot diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes. 



  1. I am doing Julie’s Hot Detox Programme and love your Yoga Nidra.It has helped me on several occasions when I have felt overwhelmed as well as helping with sleep.Many thanks.

  2. Laura Cascanette

    I am committed to daily yoga practice in 2018. I see the benefit of yoga and feel the calmness from Yogi Shambu

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