“Shambunata is a highly gifted spiritual healer who has been my mentor for many years. With a compassionate, yet playful style, he brings divine wisdom and insight to inform any situation or circumstance. His unique psychic abilities enable him to shift energies whether to remove unwanted influences, such as negative projections from another person, collect fragments of the self that may be dispersed, or shift and infuse a particular situation with positive energy. He creates healing, wholeness and a sense of well-being that is not possible with our otherwise limited consciousness. At the same time he is gentle, loving, spontaneous and creative, with wonderful analogies and metaphors that facilitate insight. And with extensive knowledge of yoga and healing modalities he is able to recommend individual practices that empower, expand our awareness and inspire self care so that we realize more of our own potential.”

   Carolyn – Corporate Human Relations 


“Working with Shambunata was revolutionary. It was as if I’d left my body and the world of the mundane, and was operating solely on the level of my mind, my energy, and my spirit. I have rarely felt so seen and understood, with total compassion and acceptance. It gave me tremendous insight into myself and left me with perspectives that persist to this day.”

   AaronTraditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner


“I have been working with Shambunata for over 15 years for a whole range of issues and health concerns. His incredibly developed psychic / intuitive skills have always baffled me. I have come to our sessions with a list of issues that I wrote, unbenownst to him, and he has addressed each one in turn with a clarity, depth, and perception that exceeds anything I thought possible. I am a healer and advanced spiritual practitioner and Shambunata is able to bring out an expression for what I have been experiencing and feeling better than I am able to. In a world with many people fronting as psychics, medical intuitives, and healers, it is hard to know who is authentic and who is truly gifted. Shambunata is a psychic, medical intuitive and healer, tuned to such a high degree, with such a big, caring heart and down to earth personality, that it is a huge gift and privilege to be able to access him for healing and spiritual growth.”

  Moshe – Health Professional


“My husband and I worked with Shambunata before our wedding ceremony. He was instrumental in helping us clear out old belief patterns, fears, and oppositions to our sacred union. Our wedding was so filled with love. Shambunata has also helped me clear very deep patterns with my family. He is a rare gem in the healing world.”

Svea – Health Professional


“My brother Shambunata, has given me the tools to relax and heal. I owe him for my flexibility and peace of mind. I have had the great fortune of receiving 100’s of lessons from Shambunata and he is an endless well of hope, humour and healing. I don’t think there are many yogi’s today who have as much technical skill and incredible social IQ. He is able to find what the student needs and provide it in such a way that we are left inspired, profoundly moved and connected.”

   Julie Daniluk – R.H.N, TV Personality, Author of Meals That Heal Inflammation.


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Shambunata for 7 years. I have had both the chance to observe him in his yogic teaching element, having been taught by him personally, and also to witness how seamless and infused his practice of True Yoga is in the context of his life as a whole. He is a True Yogi, a Genuine Seeker of that which is Real and Authentic about the Human Experience. He long ago devoted his Life to the Path of Transformation and the Enlightenment accessible to us all, but that few chose to embrace.   His beatific nature combined with his playful sense of humour and fierce passion make him a Grand and Undeniably Valuable Asset in this time of Yogic Over-saturation. If you want to Experience the Power of Yoga in it’s Entirety, then I know of no better Guide to Show You the Way than Shambunata ”

Andrew – Personal Trainer, Human Potential Researcher 


“There have been so many times in my life that I’ve called on Shambunata for help that I’ve decided that I would list a few of them.

    • Clearing my house after a break in: pushing through from a state of panic to one of calm.
    • Clearing and resolving the migraine headaches that I used to get from the gluten allergy that you diagnosed.
    • Helping both my brother and I release the trauma of his sudden death/ helping me to understand what was behind the event.
    • Clearing the energy that I’ve occasionally taken on from my own energy work/clearing the energy from my workplace when it felt “off”.
    • Clearing the syphilitic implant from a distant relative on my father’s side that was causing a mild depression.
    • Helping me understand a father that I had never had a chance to meet.
    • Helping to understand and cope with my mother’s personality dis-order: working through me to access her energy so that she could move to a much happier state of mind.
    • Explaining some of the karmic situations I was experiencing: changing the ones that could be changed and mitigating the ones that couldn’t.
    • Most recently working with me to strengthen my own energy field and sense of self”

    LindaMother, Healer


“Shambu’s insights, presence and healing work have assisted me during many difficult emotional and spiritual transitions in my life, with deep and enduring healing effects. He offered an accepting, honest and nonjudgmental presence and quickly identified the immediate source of blockage, interference or disharmony that was most ready to be worked with.  Shambu provided an energetic space that allowed me to release layers of stagnant emotion, thought patterns and unwanted energetic ties that had been causing pain for a long time, that I was unable to address on my own. His work has left me feeling lighter, clearer, more empowered and connected to my essential self and feeling the greater peace and harmony within to make the forward movements I most needed in my life. I love and am deeply, deeply grateful to this man!!!!!”

  Monika – Dance Instructor, Facilitator 


“I’m happy to have this opportunity to express my gratitude for the changes that I experienced as a result of working with Shambunata. He helped me to feel passion again, something I had lost earlier in my life, without even knowing it. It was only after I had woken up that I realized how dead I had been feeling inside. Not only did Shambunata help me in immeasurable ways in my life, but his talents and skills extended to my family, as well.”

Joan – Entrepreneur 


“Shambunata is an amazing authentic modern day yogi! His energy … his insights … and his workshops have all contributed to incredible healing and expansion! I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect and work with such a compassionate, gifted being!

With heartfelt gratitude and love”



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